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v. o7.1 colour

v. o7.1 colour

愛. まきちゃん
4 February 1987
把 每 天 當 成 是 末 日 來 相 愛 // 一 分 一 秒 都 美 到 淚 水 掉 下 來 

Welcome to E.Y's journal -- I like to waste my time in front of the piano and singing behind closed doors, wasting money on clothes I don't need, web & graphic design, making faces at blatant displays of stupidity, and eating.

Afterall, life is too short to spend time doing things you don't want to do.

~ 22, female, chinese-american, cal undergrad, 許 clan, international political economy major & trying to find my way in life.

♥ lots of chocolate & sweet pastries, music, shopping, watching tv, icons, lj, photoshop & web design and, of course, doing absolutely nothing productive.

不 理 會 別 人 是 看 好 或 看 壞 // 只 要 你 勇 敢 跟 我 來

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Quotes ~ 信 Shin, 浜崎あゆみ, The Office

死 了 都 要 愛 // 不 哭 到 微 笑 不 痛 快 // 宇 宙 毀 滅 心 還 在

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